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Touch- Net Idol Chat Out


Touch- Net Idol Chat Out is an real-time content sharing app allows users to create and share live streaming video, hot and funny clips. With Touch- Net Idol Chat Out, you can easily create your video story, share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want. you can also watch the latest hot clips.★Highlights:
1.Original:A platform to create a short original video, upload you colorful life.2.Social:Share, like, comment Touch, and have interactions with your friends as much as you like.3.Hot tags: A collection popular videos at the time, which will really catch your eye balls.4.Live:What are you doing? Broadcast it, go live.5.whisper: whisper with your friends.
1. You could upload your favorite short videos anytime and anywhere you want via Touch- Net Idol Chat Out. 2. Professional compression technique which allows you to upload your video quickly without having to worry about the clarity of your video. 3. Unique tagging method to sort out your videos and photos which enables you to thoroughly display your personalized videos. Touch- Net Idol Chat Out is your best choice.4. Pausing function during video-taping, which could get you prepared for emergency situation, such like a sudden incoming call. 5. Multi-platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and etc, to share videos with friends.